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This is our “it’s too cold out” faces. #sockmonkey #belowfreezing #lovehim
#marriageequality #marriageforall #trueequality
This is a magazine ad for feminine wipes….ive never laughed so hard #sexy #beaver #iseewhatyoudidthere #vaginajokes #funny #sextips

This is my friend and I, painted by the very talented Kawiri Cascabel

    (Source: kawiri)

    Just a normal dinner with @pmt_lund and a horse in training (Taken with Instagram at sherwood)
    Awesome name, and a fantastic drink (Taken with Instagram)
    Im the best daughter ever #fathersday  (Taken with Instagram)
    My other thigh needs a tattooed friend (Taken with Instagram)
    "please don’t worry about me i lost my way again" (Taken with Instagram at work)
    I graduated! (Taken with instagram)

    And im sleeping alone..
    in this house I dont own
    cause if your touring your mind
    you’ll get lost everytime
    you’ll sing me sad songs to keep me awake
    in that bedroom that we hid away
    Baby, I’m long gone. 

    Look whose healing nicely :) #tattoo (Taken with instagram)
    My sexy dog (Taken with instagram)